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The aquaculture products from Hong Kong Accredited Fish Farm Scheme


Known as the gold in water, this fish has the highest price among all fresh fish in Malaysia. It requires strict and demanding environmental conditions for growing. It takes 5-6 years to grow one up to edible size (above 4 kg). This fish contains rich Omega3. It’s fast swimming speed makes the fish meat fresh, smooth and delicate in taste. Therefore, this fish is very popular chased by many foodies as a dish you must try in your life. 

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Advice for cooking: Best tasting freshness of the fish and fantastic smell of fish oil in steaming/ Pan-frying/ water-boiling/ Deep-frying with salty fish scales 

3 – 4 catty --- $1950 (each catty)

4 – 5 catty --- $2500 (each catty)

5 – 6 catty --- $3000 (each catty)

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Patin Fish

From the same river with Empurau, this fish originates from Sibu ranked the fifth in the five most famous fish of Malaysia. Fish meat contains rich and delicious fats but not greasy at all. Natural fish oil brings delicate and smooth taste without small bones. More than that, it has rich DHA and unsaturated fatty acid, which makes it comparable to salmon. It has a flat head, so know as ‘‘freshwater shark’’. 

Advice for cooking: fish belly is the most fresh and delicious part, which is the best for steaming/ fish back can be cut into slices for steaming, boiling congee and even deep-fried

1.5 – 3 catty --- $250 (each catty)

3 – 4 catty --- $280 (each catty)

_SIR6348 copy.jpg
Murray cod

As one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, it is well-known as the top among four Australian national fish. It has a long life and growing slowly. In addition to freshness, smoothness and delicacy, this fish tastes light and elegant with rich seawater smell. You can also taste the sweetness of shrimp, and even the light smell of shrimp paste in the fish. The fish skin is thick with firm meat. The fish meat is chewy and rich in gelatin. Fish oil lowers cholesterol, while gelatin is beneficial to preserving beauty. 

Advice for cooking: Suitable for eastern and western cooking/ steaming shows freshness of the fish with light and elegant taste/ boiling for soup/ oven-cooked/ frying

3-4 catty —— $280(each catty)
4-5 catty —— $380(each catty)
5-6 catty —— $480(each catty)

_SIR6535 copy.jpg
墨瑞鱈 (1)拷貝.png
Jade Perch

Originally named as Australia Jade Perch, fish body appears black shinny round sports, like dark jewelry placed on fish body. Therefore, it is known as ‘‘Jade Perch’’. Originating from Australia, it is a freshwater fish to eat also one of the most six important freshwater fish in Queensland regions. 

Advice for cooking: pan-frying/ one-sided barbeque/ whole fish barbeque/ steaming

1 catty or below —— $198(each catty)
1-2 catty——$230(each catty)
1-3 catty——$280(each catty)
3 catty or above——$330(each catty)

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